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Idee -> Konzept -> Pitch; schreib’s in die

0. Project: Title?

1. The Problem – The top 1-3 problems you want to solve
2. The Soluion – Outline your proposed solution for each problem
3. Key Metrics – How will you measure success?
4. Resources Required – What do you need to build an MVP (minimum viable product)? Design, Development, Expertise, Hardware requirements and other costs

5. Contributor Profiles, Contribution types and ideal contributors What do your contributors look like? Be sure to include the different expertise you outline in “Resources Required”
6. Contributor Channels – List how you will gain new contributors
7. User Profiles, Target audience and early adopters – Who are you building this for? Who will your early adopters be?
8. User Channels – List how you will gain new users
9. Unique Value Proposition – A clear message that states _what you offer_ and _why you are differenct_. Can be derived from: 1. The main problem you are solving or 2. The finished story and benefits users will have by using your product. Example: Square – start accepting credit cards today

Taken from Sam Muirhead who adapted it from the Lean Canvas ( CC-BY-3.0

Zu den Punkten 5. – 8. empfiehlt es sich mit Personas zu arbeiten.

Hierzu ein Beitrag von Zannah Mash, “Learning Strategist” der Mozilla Foundation