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Comparing artificial intelligence with real intelligence

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In the performance “Learning” the action potentials of real and artificial intelligence are compared with one another, in which an actor and a 3D character (spatially visualized by Pepper’s ghost effect) act in parallel in equivalent spaces.
Both are initially unable to stand and try to learn this over the course of the performance. The actors keep falling to the ground and try to learn from their mistakes.
The digital character is equipped with a genetic algorithm, a programmed intelligence, the real character has an organic brain.
The avatar learns to stand faster than humans, but at the same time it seems ridiculous in its uncoordinated sequence of actions and thereby reveals the distance between digital technology and real people.
Humans, on the other hand, create an emotional sympathy in the viewer in their physical pain and in their desperate attempts to stand.

Video of the process of how the AI learned to stand: